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The opportunity of necessity

Plastic is an invention that has made our lives better in many ways. But with single use plastics, we also created an immense waste stream that wasn't there before. Today, plastic permeates our lives more than ever before, with an average person living in the west consuming 100kg/220lbs of plastic each year. Over 2 trillion single use plastic bags are thrown out each year, at a rate of 2 million every minute. So it must not surprise you to learn that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Existing alternatives that may look good, aren’t necessarily better: To match the total environmental impact of a single use plastic bag, you would need to use paper and bio degradable bags 43 times, thick reusable bags 54 times and cotton ones a whopping 7100 times. This estimate is even worse for organic cotton, because organic crop yields tend to be lower. You’d need to reuse that bag over 20,000 times to have the same impact as a single use plastic bag. Now who does that? Well you guessed it: nobody. 

There is hope because there is a simple answer: strive to be single use free. Millions of people around the world are already doing it, and so can you. We designed the SmartBag to empower you to take one small step: to never waste single use bags again.

 Everless is built on the idea that less is better. We believe in having fewer, but better things. In only consuming what you really need. In making sure what you need has a minimal imprint on the planet for those who come after us. We believe in design that is functional, timeless and always with the purpose to improve the flow in your life. 

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