Who We Are

EVERLESS is a passionate team of earth-lovers based on the mission to help the world to consume less and to buy fewer, better things.

Why We Started EVERLESS

Reusable Bags Were Broken

Living the grind in New York City, our founder Joost de Muinck was fed up with the endless stream of plastic bags forced upon him in every store he went. So he decided to do something about it. He set out to create a minimalist bag that is conscious, convenient and design-centric.

In search for the right material, we travelled the world. We went from Paris, to New York, and from Vietnam to Taiwan.

We finally landed the very latest cutting edge tech materials: An extremely durable and design-centric casing that houses an ultra-performance fabric with Memory Fold technology that provides the SmartBag with its self-collapsing abilities.

We believe in creating products that make your life easier, and the planet better.

What We Believe

Our Sustainable Solution

Inspired by a minimalist ethos, counter-consumerist culture and the overwhelming plastic pollution we face globally, EVERLESS is dedicated to creating sustainable, functional products that suit the modern lifestyle and inspire buying less things. From the outset EVERLESS has been committed to a sustainability roadmap inline with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How We Roll

Design. Function. Planet.

We are here to interrupt our throwaway culture by designing products that make it easy for you to reduce your footprint; we call this conscious convenience. We hold design aesthetics as close to our heart as environmental principles, as well as the minimalist ideology of ‘fewer, better things.’

For How We Actually Live Today

EVERLESS is a line of design-centric products that enhance the lifestyle of the conscious consumer of the future. We empower the minimal lifestyle through high-end design and breakthrough technical innovation.

EVERLESS moves you toward zero waste living.

Our SmartBag, is the world’s first smart and sleek alternative to single-use bags. Folding in one single motion to the size of a credit card, this bag is with you - wherever you go.