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This is a bag

It may not seem like it, but...choose yours
credit card size

credit card size

It folds like magic

With memory tech fabric

Wherever you go

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Meet the SmartBag

It fits in your pocket and holds up to 50lbs/23kg, so you'll never need disposable bags again.

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A global hit on Kickstarter

No. 1 Trending Design Product $348k raised and 17,000 SmartBags sold in 4 weeks across 76 countries


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Explore all

EVERLESS in the wild

"Everless does not make a reusable bag, they make a remarkable bag."


"They are my go-to gift to family, friends and clients--I love seeing the excitement when you open and magically close an Everless bag. It's better than Christmas."


"I always carry it with my wallet in my pocket and my girlfriend has one that lives in her purse. It's really a fantastic bag and we are true fans!"


Learn more about Everless with our Kickstarter campaign video

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